War crimes of Israel

We discuss the situation in Gaza. How is it that a nation engaged in committing atrocities can hide behind atrocities committed against them during WW2? Israel uses the Holocaust as a defense shield to deem anyone antisemitic who disagrees with their open air prison that is called Gaza. We denounce the actions of the Nazis and the actions of the current Israel government. The Israelis need to stop treating the Palestinians like Jews in a Nazi Death Camp.

Israel calls this a war? This is no war, this is F 15’s dropping J-Dams on children. I guess pulling children’s bodies out of rubble is considered fighting to the Israeli government. “oh but the rockets” the “Hamas” rockets are coming from the Military Industrial complex. for every $150 rocket they fire they sell a couple of $40000 missiles to Israel from Raytheon. Follow the money. US just passed emergency funding for Israels iron dome to the tune of 225 million dollars For more Raytheon missiles.

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Jehovah Witness and G 77 calling for New World Order

We are joined by Ryan Elson of dissembling.org to talk about Jehovah’s witnesses that came to his house promoting a New World Order. We also discuss the recent G 77 meeting in Bolivia, and the Geothermal activity detected in Antarctica.

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G77 – For a New World Order for Living Well

Jehovah’s Witness Door Knockers Promoting The Throne Of Satan (World Government) http://www.dissembling.org/uncategorized/jehovas-witness-door-knockers-promoting-throne-satan-world-government/

Antarctic Glacier Break up Was Not Caused By “Climate Change”, You Have Been Lied To

Angry Beaver Radio Feb 22 2014

We welcome Ryan Elson back to the show from British Columbia.  We get into topics ranging from the Olympics , potentially staged revolutions around the world,  Globalism , Climate Change , Canadian issues, Global issues and more.

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-The Rockefeller Bros funded “The Tar Sands Campaign”

-Rockefeller Fund Designed To Undermine Canada

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