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(archive from Sat June 6 2015)


Who is Americas #1 racist?

Could Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center be Americas #1 racist? We discuss all that as well as George Soros, Stephen Harper, Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine situation.
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Canada to send a couple of Canoes and a flock of Geese to back NATO in Ukraine

Canadastan to beef up its presence in Ukraine debacle eh! One navy ship, 6 planes and 50 troops headed to the region to back NATO.
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A Ukrainian woman and a Syrian woman discuss the ongoing trouble in the Ukraine

An Interview with a Ukrainian girl who breaks down media lies, explains the situation in Ukraine, Crimea, the doctor who said the snipers shot both sides NEVER denied this fact, unlike the MSM led us to believe. The EU deal is only the possibility of joining the EU in exchange for economic suicide.

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Angry Beaver Radio With guests Vinny Eastwood and Susanne Posel

We are joined by Vinny Eastwood of and Susanne Posel of and to discuss a wide range of topics including central banking , children’s aid (family courts , CPS) the link to child abuse and trafficking , Geoengineering, staged revolutions and more.

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Here are a couple of interesting articles that were mentioned in the show.

Children’s Aid Harvesting for Economic Gain in Ontario

Topic of “Chemtrails” Discussed at United Nations Global Warming Session

Angry Beaver Radio Feb 22 2014

We welcome Ryan Elson back to the show from British Columbia.  We get into topics ranging from the Olympics , potentially staged revolutions around the world,  Globalism , Climate Change , Canadian issues, Global issues and more.

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Below are some interesting links related to our conversation.

-The Rockefeller Bros funded “The Tar Sands Campaign”

-Rockefeller Fund Designed To Undermine Canada

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