No Transparency on Trans Pacific Partnership

If this secretive deal is so good then why are we already hearing about farm subsidies? Sounds like another free trade screw job to me.

Article referenced – Ottawa plans compensation for farmers to blunt impact of trade deal

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Angry Beaver Radio Jan 4 2014

We are joined by Lawrence of and Daniel of to discuss a range of issues facing Canadians. We discuss Global Warming, Banking, Globalism, soaring Energy costs, Smart meters, Smart water meters, Rob Ford, Kathleen Wynne, Kim Jong Wynne, Gas Plant scandals, new gasoline taxes and much more.

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Angry Beaver Radio Dec 28 2013 (full show)

Micheal, Mark, and John cap off the year end with their final broadcast of 2013.
Some of the topics discussed – McDonalds , Trans Pacific Partnership, Canada Post, the incandescent light bulb ban, the holiday ice storm that knocked out power and more.

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