Angry Beaver Radio April 10 2016

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Scam Am Games to kick off in Canada

The Scam Am Games costs billions of dollars and all we get is a lousy wristband. From the games security to the ridiculous arena construction expenses this is one nasty gash taken out of Canadians tax money. Just exactly how much it will cost has not been fully disclosed but we are definitely into the billions. Was it worth all that loot to host the scam am games? Remember that is your money we are talking about.

Angry Beaver Radio W Guest Phil Ryerson

We are joined by Phil Ryerson of Hamilton to discuss Pan Am Games corruption, building high density housing to replace industrial infrastructure, economic issues and much more. Follow Phil on youtube here Tune in live Sat 3 pm EST noon PST only on 90.7 fm Denver and on your tunein radio app

Bureau of Toboggans Tobacco and Vaporizers

We discuss a $5000.00 fine for tobogganing down a hill in Canadastan. We also talk about the smoking and vaporizing bans in the brave new Nanny State of Canadastan. Links below.

$5,000 Fine For Tobogganing In Hamilton?
Nanny State Gone Wild! $5,000 Fine For Tobogganing In Hamilton?
Hamilton city bylaw 01-029

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Olivia Chow Tse tung to bring flying trains to Toronto

We discuss Toronto’s mayoral candidate Olivia Chow Tse tung’s plans of bringing flying trains to Toronto. It is so ridiculous you can’t make this stuff up.

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Chinada to use Renminbi and vote rigging in Scotland?

We discuss Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dropping out of the Mayoral race while his opponent Olivia Chow promotes using the Chinese Renminbi as currency instead of Canadian money. We also talk about the vote rigging in Scotland.

Olivia Chow plans to trade Renminbi in Toronto for Mayor…

Possible vote rigging at Dundee counting office…

Scottish independence: Video ‘proves vote was rigged,’ say Yes voters…

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Angry Beaver Radio Jan 4 2014

We are joined by Lawrence of and Daniel of to discuss a range of issues facing Canadians. We discuss Global Warming, Banking, Globalism, soaring Energy costs, Smart meters, Smart water meters, Rob Ford, Kathleen Wynne, Kim Jong Wynne, Gas Plant scandals, new gasoline taxes and much more.

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