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Mainstream Mockingbird Media

A quick look into Operation Mockingbird and the mainstream mockingbird media.

(excerpt from Angry Beaver Radio Dec 28 2013 show)
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Angry Beaver Radio Dec 21 2013 full show

We are joined by Susanne Posel of to discuss a wide range of topics from Duck Dynasty, Reality TV, the National Defense Authorization Act,  bitcoin,  technology, and more.
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Track the National Defense Authorization Act.

The Greatest Depression broadcast on Reality TV

Things are tough all over but do we really need to normalize the public to bankruptcy?

There are multiple hit reality shows based on pawning all your belongings to feed your kids and new ones coming out all the time. There are multiple hit reality shows based on your vehicles and or belongings getting repossessed by the bank.  There are numerous shows based on buying up peoples unpaid storage lockers after they lost everything, put their stuff into storage and couldn’t pay the bills. They also have reality TV shows based on auctioning off peoples foreclosed homes. The Greatest Depression is being presented in real time on TV but the mainstream news media tells everyone the economy is recovering, or has recovered. Isn’t technology great? Now you can watch TV at the homeless shelter and watch your car get repossessed. You can see your house get foreclosed on and auctioned off. You can watch your belongings auctioned off from the storage locker you couldn’t pay. You can even watch yourself pawn your wedding ring that gave you the money to afford the macaroni and cheese you are eating.  In my opinion all of these hit reality TV shows promoting this crap are just normalizing the public to accept the new suicidal economy.