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Angry Beaver Radio 25-02-2017 Fake News Exposed

Angry Beaver Radio goes in-living-colour with a audio and visual podcast, Mike and Daniel discuss the news of the day including vaccine dangers, 9/11 truth, hemp oil health, predictions for Oscars of Hollywood, crisis actors, Patriot Day, smoke and mirrors, the migrants are coming, fake news is a lie, Hillary strikes back, recorded Saturday February 25th 2017

NUDE WORLD ORDER EXPOSED (no social media)

Liberal Moving Scandal

The crew at Angry Beaver Radio give their take on the recent Liberal moving scandal.

The numbers behind the Liberal government’s moving expenses controversy

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Angry Beaver Radio April 10 2016

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Mandatory voting in Canada and the Mansbridge man crush

We discuss mandatory voting in Canada as well as Peter Mansbridge and the CBC’s $150 million dollar man crush on Justin Trudeau.

Canadian Pensioners buy up Chicago toll bridge

Canadian pension funds to buy Chicago Skyway toll road

Angry Beaver Radio June 20 2015

Mike, Mark and John go over some of the local, national and global news items of the week.

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Angry Beaver Radio – Bilderberg 2015

Angry Beaver Radio covers the Bilderberg meeting as well as National and global issues effecting Canadians.

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Bilderberg 2015 list of participants

Angry Beaver Radio – Summer Meltdown

Angry Beaver radio goes over the Brave News of the week. From the G 7 to the Bilderberg meeting,UN agenda 21 and much more.

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(archive from Sat June 6 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio May 30 2015

Susanne Posel from co hosts the show along with Mark, Michael, and Daniel from globalist occupied Canada for the weekly rundown from north of the border.  Tune in live every Sat 3-5 pm est , noon pst only on