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Angry Beaver Radio W Guest Phil Ryerson

We are joined by Phil Ryerson of Hamilton to discuss Pan Am Games corruption, building high density housing to replace industrial infrastructure, economic issues and much more. Follow Phil on youtube here Tune in live Sat 3 pm EST noon PST only on 90.7 fm Denver and on your tunein radio app


Fuhrer Obamas Reich of the Union

The Angry Beavers chew apart Fuhrer Obamas Reich of the Union speech addressing Climate Change.
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UNESCO and the Brave New School system

We are joined by Marcia from the west coast of Canada. We talk about the school system and the various ways we are being brainwashed, programed and indoctrinated. This is no coincidence. The UN and UNESCO have been on the forefront of this global programming for decades. We also discuss Robert Muller’s Brave New Schools that also touches this subject.

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Links to some of the subject matter discussed –

World Core Curriculum – Robert Muller

Brave New Schools –

UN Agenda 21 pdf –

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – non abridged E Book download Also check the main website here more options to read the book

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Olivia Chow Tse tung to bring flying trains to Toronto

We discuss Toronto’s mayoral candidate Olivia Chow Tse tung’s plans of bringing flying trains to Toronto. It is so ridiculous you can’t make this stuff up.

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Jehovah Witness and G 77 calling for New World Order

We are joined by Ryan Elson of to talk about Jehovah’s witnesses that came to his house promoting a New World Order. We also discuss the recent G 77 meeting in Bolivia, and the Geothermal activity detected in Antarctica.

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More links below
G77 – For a New World Order for Living Well

Jehovah’s Witness Door Knockers Promoting The Throne Of Satan (World Government)

Antarctic Glacier Break up Was Not Caused By “Climate Change”, You Have Been Lied To

UN Agenda 21 benchmarks from 1968 until now

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UN Agenda 21 benchmarks from 1968 until now

1968 – The Club of Rome –
Limits to Growth (1972) –
1972 – The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment –
1984 – The World Commission on Environment and Development which led to the 1987 release of Our Common Future
United Nations Conference on Environment & Development
Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992
Final Report of the United Nations 20 year anniversary Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20 –
The Future We Want – Outcome Document –
Follow-up to Rio+20 –

corrupt bureaucrats freezing their asses off through globull warming

Angry Beaver Radio December 14 2013 – full show  – corrupt bureaucrats  freezing their asses off through globull warming.
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Talks of a 10 cent per liter gas tax for Ontario to fund public transit

A Hitlerian Panel advising Emperor Kathleen Wynne (premiere of Ontario) has recommended a 3 cent per liter gasoline tax , gradually increasing 1 cent per year until it hits 10 cents per liter. That’s close to 40 cents per gallon. It is estimated once fully implemented it will rob Ontario motorists that are just trying to get to work of 2.6 billion dollars per year.  This move comes on the heels of a gas plant scandal involving the Liberal Party to the tune of 1 billion dollars on a plant that was never finished and now has to be dismantled.

gas  tax

So let me get this right, they rob us blind for a easy billion on the gas plant scam. Then Kim Jong Wynne has the balls to come out and announce they are going to steal 2.6 billion per year, and this just after Kim Jong Wynne met with Al Gorbavich and was congratulated on the final touches of destroying Ontarios coal power plants. But it gets worse, Kim Jong Wynne also announced a 42% hydro price increase over the next 5 years. Don’t even get me started with their anti smoking agenda moving to ban smoking in parks, sidewalks, public streets, cars, trucks etc… These authoritarian scumbags want to run and tax every aspect of our lives and it is time someone said go screw yourself Kim Jong Wynne, go back to North Korea.  All of this unbelievable cartoonish thievery and tyranny is on display for all to see. What is happening is not unique to Canada but rather global in scope. It is a plan called Agenda 21. The plans are in place at the local levels and its just starting to roll out in terms of regulation and enforcement. We see examples of it like in the UK with their bedroom taxes. Yes folks these bastards want to tax you for each spare bedroom you have vacant, forcing people to turn their home into a boarding house. Some people have committed suicide over the bedroom taxes.

Justin Trudeau dreams of being dictator of Chinada

Justin Trudeau tells his fans about his dreams of being a communist dictator. Meanwhile elsewhere in the country Al Gorebavich visits Chinada and congratulates them on creating a United Nazi Agenda 21 hell hole. All hail Kim Jong Wynne!

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