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Eco Terrorism Coming to Canada?

The Angry Beavers look into Eco Terrorism that is currently effecting Canada. Have you heard of Earth First? Many Canadian Eco groups are taking up their terrorist tactics on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation as well as other globalist foundations like Sierra Club , Tides Foundation, Ford Foundation and many others.

(This is an excerpt from Jan 11 2014 show)
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Canada’s Oil Crisis


Canada is facing a bit of an oil crisis that  is not due to shortage of oil. The problem is that Canada’s oil is land locked. The term is quite literal. To compound the problem we don’t have refineries close to the vast deposits of land locked oil.
Because of these problems Canada is forced to sell its oil at a discounted price to the US.
The US refines it and sells it back to Canada.  This is why Canada has been exploring other options to transport the oil. This threatens big oil companies in America , if Canada can pipe its oil east and west to the coasts we can refine it ourselves and also have the option of selling it to other countries. American big oil has responded by recruiting and funding environmental groups to protest anything to do with moving oil in Canada.  These so called “protests” have recently turned violent in the past few months. They fund and support these groups through their various foundations and organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, Tides Foundation , Suzuki Foundation, Ford Foundation, Sierra Club, and even the United Nations. The purpose is simple, they want Canada’s oil land locked so that all the oil has to go through  American big oils greedy mitts.

My opinion is that the days of Canada sending its oil by truck or train to the US to be refined are numbered and that all we are seeing play out are the pathetic death screams of the Rockefeller Oil Dynasty losing a foot hold in the Canadian market. Be on the lookout for an all out temper tantrum from these phoney environmental groups funded by big oil. These foundation funded extremists are constantly advocating violence , sabotage and acts of terrorism. What appalls me is that Canadian Law enforcement allow these foreign foundation funded lunatics to operate nakedly within the country. Maybe the RCMP should kick the foreign foundations to the curb and simply inform the actual hoodwinked Canadian environmentalists that they have been used as pawns by American big oil and that the whole thing had nothing to do with the environment whatsoever.

Rockefellers MASH Unit

The Angry Beavers bite into the Rockefeller run medical mafia on both sides of the border.
Pill pushing butchers that originated from snake oil salesmen.

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