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Angry Beaver Radio Jan 4 2014

We are joined by Lawrence of canadaawakes.blogspot.ca and Daniel of reasoningconspiracy.wordpress.com to discuss a range of issues facing Canadians. We discuss Global Warming, Banking, Globalism, soaring Energy costs, Smart meters, Smart water meters, Rob Ford, Kathleen Wynne, Kim Jong Wynne, Gas Plant scandals, new gasoline taxes and much more.

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idiocracy is now

Idiocracy is Now! The complete decay of society , the deliberate dumbing down of the people, the non existent morals and common sense that has infected the global population.  Ryan Brooks of The Sound of Freedom joins us on the broadcast to discuss these topics.

You can catch The Sound of Freedom with Ryan Brooks Sunday nights from 11 pm est to 2 am est early Monday morning at http://oriontalkradio.com