Narcissist and Chief shoots Rainbows out of his hands for photo op

It Appears Americas Narcissist and Chief is at it again with this ridiculous photo op whilst boardingĀ Air Force One atĀ Norman Manley Airport in Kingston Jamaica.

I dont know if this is a photo op or a photo shopped photo as i was not there to witness the live event where our lord and savior Government God King Jesus Obama shot rainbows out of his hands but either way this story originates from over at the whitehouse.gov

read it here

Barack in Jamrock: The Young Leaders of the Americas Meet with the President in Jamaica


You can find Lord Obamicorn shooting rainbows at the bottom of that article.

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Fuhrer Obamas Reich of the Union

The Angry Beavers chew apart Fuhrer Obamas Reich of the Union speech addressing Climate Change.
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Climate Summit 2014

We discuss the 2014 Climate Summit as well as the recent climate marches that coincided with the #FloodWallStreet movement. Just how were they able to rustle up that many people to protest for more taxes and higher energy costs? Yes waiter I’ll have Climate Protestor Lunacy with a side of economic suicide to go please.

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