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Vaping smoking and the Nanny State

We are joined by Ken Hildebrand for a discussion about vaping and e cigarette regulations and the general nanny state that has become our society. Should the government ban everything to keep us safe?

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Bureau of Toboggans Tobacco and Vaporizers

We discuss a $5000.00 fine for tobogganing down a hill in Canadastan. We also talk about the smoking and vaporizing bans in the brave new Nanny State of Canadastan. Links below.

$5,000 Fine For Tobogganing In Hamilton?
Nanny State Gone Wild! $5,000 Fine For Tobogganing In Hamilton?
Hamilton city bylaw 01-029

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Nanny State Canada

We get into the recent cheese sandwich terror plot foiled in Ottawa, as well as the public indoctrination centers (schools) mentally abusing children on your tax dollar. We also talk about a recent story where a Canadian couple’s daughter was vaccinated at school against their will.

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