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Trudeau claims Canadians all agree on a carbon tax

Trudeau says all Premiers, Canadians agree on carbon tax http://en.cijnews.com/?p=47234


Mandatory voting in Canada and the Mansbridge man crush

We discuss mandatory voting in Canada as well as Peter Mansbridge and the CBC’s $150 million dollar man crush on Justin Trudeau.

Bill C 51 is Treason in Canada

Think you have rights in Canada? think again, you’re in Canadastan now thanks to Bill C 51.  You still have the choice of voting in Stephen Hitler or Kim Jong Trudeau this upcoming Private Central Banker selection but it will do nothing to change Bill C 51. Sorry to disturb your reality, please go back to watching hockey and Justin Beiber videos.

Angry Beaver Radio puts out Justin Trudeau Attack Ad

Vote Justin Trudeau for Dictator of Canadastan or Crime Minister of Chinada. Which ever you prefer unless Justin says otherwise. Oh and he plans on forcing you to vote for him or one of crooked criminal buddies from his opposition by bringing in mandatory voting for Canadians. You are telling me i have to take time off of work to go down and vote for one of these criminal scumbags? THERE IS NO LESSOR EVIL OF THE CRIMINAL SCUMBAGS. I don’t vote for Criminal Scumbags. Maybe all three parties should amalgamate and rename themselves the Criminal Scumbag Party of Canadastan or CSPC for short.

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Justin Trudeau next Crime Minister of Canada ?

We discuss the top prospect running for Crime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. How he wants to be dictator of a Country he doesn’t believe in, a country he wants to abort, and if you aren’t down with globalism and Agenda 21 he will call you a “piece of shit” in parliament. We also talk about the charade that he is “pro pot”.  Justin Trudeau is not pro pot, he and his globalist UN overlords are pot Nazis.

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Canadian Members of the UNPA

We talk about a few Canadian politicians signed on to a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly including Justin Trudeau , Elizabeth May, and Olivia Chow.

Look up how many politicians in your country have signed on to a Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly here http://en.unpacampaign.org/appeal/support/index.php

Angry Beaver Radio Feb 22 2014

We welcome Ryan Elson back to the show from British Columbia.  We get into topics ranging from the Olympics , potentially staged revolutions around the world,  Globalism , Climate Change , Canadian issues, Global issues and more.

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Below are some interesting links related to our conversation.

-The Rockefeller Bros funded “The Tar Sands Campaign”

-Rockefeller Fund Designed To Undermine Canada

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