Canada Ruled by an Idiocracy

Ride around in your motorcycles and e-bikes all you want in the middle of winter in the ice slush and snow , just don’t get caught going down a hill on a toboggan here in Mother Canadastan or Government God could give you a $5000 fine for tobogganing.

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Idiocracy is now update

An update on the societal and economic collapse with Ryan Brooks of the Sound of Freedom and John of Angry Beaver Radio. They highlight just some of the ridiculous things going on in the world.

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corrupt bureaucrats freezing their asses off through globull warming

Angry Beaver Radio December 14 2013 – full show  – corrupt bureaucrats  freezing their asses off through globull warming.
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idiocracy is now

Idiocracy is Now! The complete decay of society , the deliberate dumbing down of the people, the non existent morals and common sense that has infected the global population.  Ryan Brooks of The Sound of Freedom joins us on the broadcast to discuss these topics.

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