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Angry Beaver Radio w guest James Easton

We welcome James Easton of NWO Truth Radio from Quebec to the broadcast for a round table discussion about the state of the New World Order from a Canadians point of view. Sorry.

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(show archive from March 28 2015)


Pan Am Games To Extort $3 Billion in Protection money from Canadians

We discuss the upcoming Pan Am games and the 3 billion dollars in wasted security money to keep Canadians safe from the terrorist boogie man created by the CIA. It is the mafia sporting event protection racket at its finest. We also gear up this March break for Hillary Clintons Fun Camp and free Obama phones.
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Bill C 51 Anti Terror Extortion Racket

We discuss the new anti terror legislation threatening to extort Canadians for more protection money to keep them “safe” from the CIA created terrorists. We also get into GMO foods and should Infants, dogs and goldfish have the right to vote?

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Angry Beaver Radio Aug 30 2014

We discuss a number of issues including Syria, Israel, ISIS, Al-CIA-da, Iraq, Hamas and the lunacy in the middle east. We also talk about the St Louis protests and riots (2 different things) and the possibility of it being infiltrated by agent provocateurs. We recount the numerous protest events openly provocateured by the police here in Canada posing as “communist anarchists” causing violence in order to move in on peaceful protestors.

Here are some links regarding Agent Provocateurs

Police Provocateurs @ Anti-SPP Protest – Caught Inciting Violence!

did Canadian Police Use Provocateurs to Incite Violence During Vancouver Olympic Protests?

Agent Provocateurs Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20 Pittsburgh 2009

G 20 Toronto- G20 Provocateurs allowed run rampant to justify 1.1 billion policestate – Dana Durnford http://youtu.be/q0k54xrQaIo

Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head for Canada’s 2010 Olympics

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