Aborted babies from Canada incinerated in Oregon power plant

Energy plant told to stop burning abortion waste

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Earth Hour 2014 broadcast


Globalists trying to stage revolution in Canada?

The state of Activism in Canada with guests Greg Renouf and Lawrence McCurry

We welcome Greg and Lawrence to the broadcast to dive into the state of activism in Canada. From the G20 summit in Toronto, The winter Olympics in Vancouver, The occupy protests, the idle no more protests, to the anti pipeline protests, Niel Young concerts and more. This is a broadcast that every Canadian should hear.

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Justin Trudeau dreams of being dictator of Chinada

Justin Trudeau tells his fans about his dreams of being a communist dictator. Meanwhile elsewhere in the country Al Gorebavich visits Chinada and congratulates them on creating a United Nazi Agenda 21 hell hole. All hail Kim Jong Wynne!

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