Angry Beaver Radio – March 6 2016


Please Clap for Robot Rubio

Jeb Bush Claps for Robot Rubio ( remix )

Angry Beaver Radio puts out Justin Trudeau Attack Ad

Vote Justin Trudeau for Dictator of Canadastan or Crime Minister of Chinada. Which ever you prefer unless Justin says otherwise. Oh and he plans on forcing you to vote for him or one of crooked criminal buddies from his opposition by bringing in mandatory voting for Canadians. You are telling me i have to take time off of work to go down and vote for one of these criminal scumbags? THERE IS NO LESSOR EVIL OF THE CRIMINAL SCUMBAGS. I don’t vote for Criminal Scumbags. Maybe all three parties should amalgamate and rename themselves the Criminal Scumbag Party of Canadastan or CSPC for short.

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Corrupt Canadastan with Phil Ryerson

We are joined by Phil Ryerson to discuss local and national politics in Canada as well as some global issues. From economic to environmental and much more. Pedophile Politicians, Canadastan has them. Corrupt bureaucrats, we got them too.

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Angry Beaver Radio Aug 16 2014 with guest Phil Ryerson

We welcome Hamilton Ontario Mayoral candidate Phil Ryerson to the broadcast to talk about marijuana legalization, smart meters causing fires, voting rules, children’s aid society, his campaign, and much more.

Follow Phil Ryerson on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6DbMtfc8cqf3s6yhyLVF_w

and google plus https://plus.google.com/104458408444468247347/posts

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