UNESCO and the Brave New School system

We are joined by Marcia from the west coast of Canada. We talk about the school system and the various ways we are being brainwashed, programed and indoctrinated. This is no coincidence. The UN and UNESCO have been on the forefront of this global programming for decades. We also discuss Robert Muller’s Brave New Schools that also touches this subject.

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Links to some of the subject matter discussed –

World Core Curriculum – Robert Muller

Brave New Schools –

UN Agenda 21 pdf –

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – non abridged E Book download Also check the main website here more options to read the book

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Teacher charges students monopoly money to go to the bathroom causing them to pee their pants

‘Pay To Potty’ Policy Results In Third-Graders Peeing Themselves In School

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Nanny State Canada

We get into the recent cheese sandwich terror plot foiled in Ottawa, as well as the public indoctrination centers (schools) mentally abusing children on your tax dollar. We also talk about a recent story where a Canadian couple’s daughter was vaccinated at school against their will.

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