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Stop the Royal Family Entitlement Programs

We discuss the entitlement of the Royal Family. What makes them so special? Should people continue to worship them and give them money? What does a inbred crooked tooth troglodyte Fukushima swamp creature look like? would it resemble the Royal Family?


Angry Beaver Radio – Summer Meltdown

Angry Beaver radio goes over the Brave News of the week. From the G 7 to the Bilderberg meeting,UN agenda 21 and much more.

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(archive from Sat June 6 2015)

The State of Canadastan – Angry Beaver Radio Mar 7 2015

Angry Beavers from Canadastan go over local, national and international issues. Hot topics – Whoopi Goldberg on Vaccines as well as Bill Nye the Propaganda guy joins forces with Monsatan?

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Fuhrer Obamas Reich of the Union

The Angry Beavers chew apart Fuhrer Obamas Reich of the Union speech addressing Climate Change.
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UNESCO and the Brave New School system

We are joined by Marcia from the west coast of Canada. We talk about the school system and the various ways we are being brainwashed, programed and indoctrinated. This is no coincidence. The UN and UNESCO have been on the forefront of this global programming for decades. We also discuss Robert Muller’s Brave New Schools that also touches this subject.

You can find Marcia’s youtube channels here AND

Links to some of the subject matter discussed –

World Core Curriculum – Robert Muller

Brave New Schools –

UN Agenda 21 pdf –

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – non abridged E Book download Also check the main website here more options to read the book

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Quebec swaps one globalist pawn for another in recent Provincial election

We discuss the recent farce of a Quebec Provincial election, as well as Earth Day, smart technology and Agenda 21.
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BLM Range War is UN Agenda 21

A look into how the Bureau of Land Management is involved in UN Agenda 21. Their mission statement is literally the definition of sustainable development.

links below .


photo credit David Posel (c)2014

The REAL Truth Behind Bundy Ranch Land-Grab in Nevada


UN Agenda 21 benchmarks from 1968 until now

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UN Agenda 21 benchmarks from 1968 until now

1968 – The Club of Rome –
Limits to Growth (1972) –
1972 – The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment –
1984 – The World Commission on Environment and Development which led to the 1987 release of Our Common Future
United Nations Conference on Environment & Development
Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992
Final Report of the United Nations 20 year anniversary Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20 –
The Future We Want – Outcome Document –
Follow-up to Rio+20 –

Angry Beaver Radio With guests Vinny Eastwood and Susanne Posel

We are joined by Vinny Eastwood of and Susanne Posel of and to discuss a wide range of topics including central banking , children’s aid (family courts , CPS) the link to child abuse and trafficking , Geoengineering, staged revolutions and more.

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Here are a couple of interesting articles that were mentioned in the show.

Children’s Aid Harvesting for Economic Gain in Ontario

Topic of “Chemtrails” Discussed at United Nations Global Warming Session

Angry Beaver Radio Feb 22 2014

We welcome Ryan Elson back to the show from British Columbia.  We get into topics ranging from the Olympics , potentially staged revolutions around the world,  Globalism , Climate Change , Canadian issues, Global issues and more.

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Below are some interesting links related to our conversation.

-The Rockefeller Bros funded “The Tar Sands Campaign”

-Rockefeller Fund Designed To Undermine Canada

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