Trudeau claims Canadians all agree on a carbon tax

Trudeau says all Premiers, Canadians agree on carbon tax


Liberal Moving Scandal

The crew at Angry Beaver Radio give their take on the recent Liberal moving scandal.

The numbers behind the Liberal government’s moving expenses controversy

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Canada Gets Naked For NATO

Angry Beaver Radio 07-10-2016 return to podcasting with such topics as the North American Union summit, Pride parades, black lives matter staged protest, nude beaches and naked bicycling, retirement and pensions, the New Washroom Order, presidential election hypocrisy, the census, NATO summit for ‘genderless long-range nuclear missiles’ and a push for a CANEXIT for Canada to leave the North American Union and United Nations… plus more, stay tuned…


                                                                                             PRIDE MINISTER OF CANADASTAN

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Donald Trump speaks on the issue of mosquitos (zika alert)

Kevin O’Leary leading candidate for Conservative Party leader okays marriage with goats on The Rebel media

CIA director pushes for ‘stratospheric aerosol injections’ at the CFR

New podcasts for the summer Angry Beaver Radio 2016 time for a new season

Angry Beaver Radio new season time

July 10th 2016

Toronto Raptors promote Angry Beaver!

Angry Beaver t-shirts

Angry Beaver radio garnered it’s biggest endorsement ever as Canada’s local basketball franchise the Toronto Raptors gave away T-shirts mostly featuring an angry beaver to the 19,800 fans at the sold-out Air Canada Center. The promotion comes as a shock to the Angry Beaver hosts who as recently as last year spent an entire segment wisecracking the new TSA-style enhanced security scanners at the stadium gates.

Although we don’t usually go in for all the bread and circus’ type pageantry this show of respect from the team with the winningest home season record in Toronto sports history is worthy of acceptance.

As online social media has blown-up with mixed reviews of the new shirts, the struggling mainstream publication ‘The Score’ revealed it’s bias against truth podcasts with the abhorrent headline ‘Raptors to give away hideous shirts for Game 5’ discussing both the red angry beaver and white angry ejaculation T-shirts. More fans sounded off with tweets like:


Angry Beaver Radio April 10 2016

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Mandatory voting in Canada and the Mansbridge man crush

We discuss mandatory voting in Canada as well as Peter Mansbridge and the CBC’s $150 million dollar man crush on Justin Trudeau.

Angry Beaver Radio (December 2015)

Reasoning Conspiracy

Angry Beaver Radio extreme originals

After the World got duped by globalists at COP 21, your Angry Beaver Radio hosts went Team Extreme exposing the first order with a range of topics including White Toyota Watch, Is Dr. Ben Carson arming-up to patrol the Canadian border as a lone vigilante for mandatory vaccines?, the welfare lottery racket, WW3 on the doorstep, Christmas as Saturnalia, Santa Claus and Elves apply for climate migrant status, public sex education and the Prime Minister’s nannies, the Angry Beaver Radio show had it all for the month of December 2015:

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