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Main funder of Black Lives Matter interviewed by 60 Minutes – George Soros

Main funder of Black Lives Matter interviewed by 60 Minutes – George Soros. Globalist, race baiting balkanization master whose middle name is sedition is pulling out all the stops to foment civil unrest, race wars and the ultimate overthrow of the US government. Can the American people arrest this criminal before it is too late?

Keep an eye out for this real life Doctor Evil, recent sightings have been reported and he may have changed his hair. May also be going by the pseudonym Pepe Clintonista.

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Trudeau claims Canadians all agree on a carbon tax

Trudeau says all Premiers, Canadians agree on carbon tax http://en.cijnews.com/?p=47234

Climate Summit 2014

We discuss the 2014 Climate Summit as well as the recent climate marches that coincided with the #FloodWallStreet movement. Just how were they able to rustle up that many people to protest for more taxes and higher energy costs? Yes waiter I’ll have Climate Protestor Lunacy with a side of economic suicide to go please.

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Sting Confronted on Saying Obama Came From God.

Canadian Members of the UNPA

We talk about a few Canadian politicians signed on to a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly including Justin Trudeau , Elizabeth May, and Olivia Chow.

Look up how many politicians in your country have signed on to a Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly here http://en.unpacampaign.org/appeal/support/index.php

Earth Hour 2014

The Angry Beaver Panel give their take on Earth Hour.

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A Ukrainian woman and a Syrian woman discuss the ongoing trouble in the Ukraine

An Interview with a Ukrainian girl who breaks down media lies, explains the situation in Ukraine, Crimea, the doctor who said the snipers shot both sides NEVER denied this fact, unlike the MSM led us to believe. The EU deal is only the possibility of joining the EU in exchange for economic suicide.

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