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Angry Beaver Radio 25-02-2017 Fake News Exposed

Angry Beaver Radio goes in-living-colour with a audio and visual podcast, Mike and Daniel discuss the news of the day including vaccine dangers, 9/11 truth, hemp oil health, predictions for Oscars of Hollywood, crisis actors, Patriot Day, smoke and mirrors, the migrants are coming, fake news is a lie, Hillary strikes back, recorded Saturday February 25th 2017

NUDE WORLD ORDER EXPOSED (no social media)

Mandatory voting in Canada and the Mansbridge man crush

We discuss mandatory voting in Canada as well as Peter Mansbridge and the CBC’s $150 million dollar man crush on Justin Trudeau.

Stop the Royal Family Entitlement Programs

We discuss the entitlement of the Royal Family. What makes them so special? Should people continue to worship them and give them money? What does a inbred crooked tooth troglodyte Fukushima swamp creature look like? would it resemble the Royal Family?

Cass Sunstein and CNN Flight 370 Lunacy

We take White House Information Czar Cass Sunstein and CNN to the woodshed over ongoing Tinfoil Hat Flight 370 conspiracy theories.

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A Ukrainian woman and a Syrian woman discuss the ongoing trouble in the Ukraine

An Interview with a Ukrainian girl who breaks down media lies, explains the situation in Ukraine, Crimea, the doctor who said the snipers shot both sides NEVER denied this fact, unlike the MSM led us to believe. The EU deal is only the possibility of joining the EU in exchange for economic suicide.

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Mainstream Mockingbird Media

A quick look into Operation Mockingbird and the mainstream mockingbird media.

(excerpt from Angry Beaver Radio Dec 28 2013 show)
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