Angry Beaver Radio 25-02-2017 Fake News Exposed

Angry Beaver Radio goes in-living-colour with a audio and visual podcast, Mike and Daniel discuss the news of the day including vaccine dangers, 9/11 truth, hemp oil health, predictions for Oscars of Hollywood, crisis actors, Patriot Day, smoke and mirrors, the migrants are coming, fake news is a lie, Hillary strikes back, recorded Saturday February 25th 2017

NUDE WORLD ORDER EXPOSED (no social media)


The March against Monsatan straight to Bin Ladins bookshelf

In this episode we get into the march against Monsanto as well as the controversy of Bin Ladins supposed bookshelf full of conspiracy theory books as reported by various mainstream media outlets.  Was OBL a truther?  I doubt it.

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Time for independent media to turn up the heat on these processed steroid turkey like meat puppets and drive Monsatans stocks into the grand canyon for good.

angry beaver radio w guest Susanne Posel Feb 14 2015

We welcome back Susanne Posel to the show for a round table discussion on a variety of subjects ranging from GMO foods to vaccinations, the dumbing down of society and much more. Check out Susannes website here
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Morgellons Exposed

We are joined by Marcia from the west coast of Canada to expose the morgellons cover up. You can donate to Marcia here

You can also find her youtube channels here

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Should Vaccine Manufacturers be liable for injury

Should the vaccine manufacturers be liable for injuries caused by their product? If Vaccines are so safe then why do the manufacturers need legal immunity for injuries caused by them?

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Angry Beaver Radio with guest Susanne Posel

We are joined by Susanne Posel of the News site to discuss a wide variety of issues from the G 20 meeting in Australia to flame retardant food and much more.

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Ebola update with Angry Beaver Radio

We discuss the ongoing Ebola mania , Pandemic? False flag? Psychological operation? Is the CDC really this incompetent or are they trying to spread Ebola or the fear of Ebola intentionally?

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Here are some interesting videos on the Ebola subject –
Global Warming Blamed for Ebola Outbreak!

Dallas Ebola patient was seen vomiting outside home

Ebola: How Contagious is the Virus?

ET Williams

Population Control An Interview with Professor Eric Pianka


what you are not being told about cannabidiol

We are joined by Susanne Posel to talk about the fraud going on in the cannabidiol industry. We also discuss medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and much more.  You can find Susanne’s news websites over at and

(the video is blocked in some countries, you can click here to hear the mp3 archive)

Meet the Doctors For Hire That Endorse Nationwide CBD Retail Scams

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Pet Vaccines with guest Dr John Robb

We are joined by Dr John Robb of to discuss pet vaccinations and possible side effects.

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