Trumpstep – DJ Triggered

Trumpstep by DJ Triggered


Main funder of Black Lives Matter interviewed by 60 Minutes – George Soros

Main funder of Black Lives Matter interviewed by 60 Minutes – George Soros. Globalist, race baiting balkanization master whose middle name is sedition is pulling out all the stops to foment civil unrest, race wars and the ultimate overthrow of the US government. Can the American people arrest this criminal before it is too late?

Keep an eye out for this real life Doctor Evil, recent sightings have been reported and he may have changed his hair. May also be going by the pseudonym Pepe Clintonista.

(Artist Depiction)

Hillary Clinton drops the beat for WTC Building 7 commemoration

Hillary Clinton goes down like WTC Building 7 on the anniversary of 9/11 to commemorate the event. Like WTC 7, Hillary Clinton was not hit by an airplane.

Angry Beaver Radio puts out Justin Trudeau Attack Ad

Vote Justin Trudeau for Dictator of Canadastan or Crime Minister of Chinada. Which ever you prefer unless Justin says otherwise. Oh and he plans on forcing you to vote for him or one of crooked criminal buddies from his opposition by bringing in mandatory voting for Canadians. You are telling me i have to take time off of work to go down and vote for one of these criminal scumbags? THERE IS NO LESSOR EVIL OF THE CRIMINAL SCUMBAGS. I don’t vote for Criminal Scumbags. Maybe all three parties should amalgamate and rename themselves the Criminal Scumbag Party of Canadastan or CSPC for short.

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