Canada Gets Naked For NATO

Angry Beaver Radio 07-10-2016 return to podcasting with such topics as the North American Union summit, Pride parades, black lives matter staged protest, nude beaches and naked bicycling, retirement and pensions, the New Washroom Order, presidential election hypocrisy, the census, NATO summit for ‘genderless long-range nuclear missiles’ and a push for a CANEXIT for Canada to leave the North American Union and United Nations… plus more, stay tuned…


                                                                                             PRIDE MINISTER OF CANADASTAN

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Donald Trump speaks on the issue of mosquitos (zika alert)

Kevin O’Leary leading candidate for Conservative Party leader okays marriage with goats on The Rebel media

CIA director pushes for ‘stratospheric aerosol injections’ at the CFR

New podcasts for the summer Angry Beaver Radio 2016 time for a new season

Angry Beaver Radio new season time

July 10th 2016


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