Toronto Raptors promote Angry Beaver!

Angry Beaver t-shirts

Angry Beaver radio garnered it’s biggest endorsement ever as Canada’s local basketball franchise the Toronto Raptors gave away T-shirts mostly featuring an angry beaver to the 19,800 fans at the sold-out Air Canada Center. The promotion comes as a shock to the Angry Beaver hosts who as recently as last year spent an entire segment wisecracking the new TSA-style enhanced security scanners at the stadium gates.

Although we don’t usually go in for all the bread and circus’ type pageantry this show of respect from the team with the winningest home season record in Toronto sports history is worthy of acceptance.

As online social media has blown-up with mixed reviews of the new shirts, the struggling mainstream publication ‘The Score’ revealed it’s bias against truth podcasts with the abhorrent headline ‘Raptors to give away hideous shirts for Game 5’ discussing both the red angry beaver and white angry ejaculation T-shirts. More fans sounded off with tweets like:

You’re welcome for the good luck as well with the free shirt giveaway leading the team to the biggest 4th quarter comeback victory in franchise-playoff history with a 102-99 win over the Pacers for Game 5 in the first round of the NBA Playoffs 2016. Thanks Raptors, on behalf of ABR we salute you.



Angry Beaver Radio raptors


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