Month: April 2015

Angry Beaver Radio Earth Day Special

In this episode we discuss Earth day, Fukushima, GMO foods, geoengineering, terrorism and the extortion rackets surrounding them.

The Angry Beavers team up from globalist occupied mother Canadastan every Sat 3 pm est on and on your tunein app here

Angry Beaver Radio April 18 2015

The Angry Beavers team up from globalist occupied mother Canadastan every Sat 3 pm est on and on your tunein app here

Narcissist and Chief shoots Rainbows out of his hands for photo op

It Appears Americas Narcissist and Chief is at it again with this ridiculous photo op whilst boarding Air Force One at Norman Manley Airport in Kingston Jamaica.

I dont know if this is a photo op or a photo shopped photo as i was not there to witness the live event where our lord and savior Government God King Jesus Obama shot rainbows out of his hands but either way this story originates from over at the

read it here

Barack in Jamrock: The Young Leaders of the Americas Meet with the President in Jamaica

You can find Lord Obamicorn shooting rainbows at the bottom of that article.

#Obama #Narcissist #rainbows

World Leaders, Narcissism, Sociopathy, and the Enablers

We are joined by  Marcia Pavlis from the Kootenays in British Columbia Canada to discuss the new age of narcissism , sociopaths and psychopaths running the world around us.

You can keep up with Marcia here

Morgellons Coverup

Marcia is out in B.C. Canada researching Morgellons treatment which you can keep up with here at Morgellons Coverup.

She needs some equipment to take her research to the next level and could use some help buying equipment for this treatment. You can donate to her here with paypal or her go fund me account.

Angry Beaver Radio W Guest Phil Ryerson

We are joined by Phil Ryerson of Hamilton to discuss Pan Am Games corruption, building high density housing to replace industrial infrastructure, economic issues and much more. Follow Phil on youtube here Tune in live Sat 3 pm EST noon PST only on 90.7 fm Denver and on your tunein radio app

Angry Beaver Radio (March 2015)

Reasoning Conspiracy


The Angry Beavers dust off their e-bikes for a winter jaunt through the icy streets of the Canadastan, bypassing bylaw enforcement and only stopping for frozen selfies. With the globalists promoting a global warming agenda, listen as the season changes from cold winter to cold spring under the guise of ‘climate change’. While the New World Order elite gets exposed as disloyal, lazy, and disrespectful, our hope for liberty and freedom rests in the hands of John Cena? Check out these archives from the month of March, 2015:

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