Stop and Frisk in Canada?

We discuss the trend of Canadians being stopped and searched for no reason with no warrant . Toronto Police Board are pushing for random street checks but the reality is the police have been doing searches of Canadians for over a decade without warrants or probable cause which is against the law. Even worse is the prisoner treatment sports fans receive when going out to a ball game or hockey match. They frisk you down like you are working in a diamond mine in Africa, hoping to catch a little old lady with a pack of gum in her purse.

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Article referenced : Toronto Police Board Pushes To Implement Random Street Checks. Shouldn’t This Be Illegal?



  1. Whenever I get pulled over for traffic violation (not very often) they ask if they can search the car. Of course I decline, because I know my rights, but how many people’s property is subjected to this everyday? If they don’t have a warrant, don’t give them your warrant, which is YOUR authorization. WE are warrant officers too!

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