Angry Beaver Radio Feb 22 2014

We welcome Ryan Elson back to the show from British Columbia.  We get into topics ranging from the Olympics , potentially staged revolutions around the world,  Globalism , Climate Change , Canadian issues, Global issues and more.

Tune in live Saturdays from 3-5 PM est at
Check out Ryan’s website here at

Below are some interesting links related to our conversation.

-The Rockefeller Bros funded “The Tar Sands Campaign”

-Rockefeller Fund Designed To Undermine Canada

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  1. I enjoy your program immensely for its endless wit and discerning activism. What happened to Orion Radio Network? Also do you sell any Angry Beaver merchandise? I think a T-shirt would be great. I’ll keep listening and spreading the word. Also the Dissembling site is excellent. Keep rockin’ for a free world!!

    1. Unfortunately the owner of Orion had to shut down the station for various reasons. We wish everyone at Orion all the best in their future endeavors and really appreciate them providing a platform for us to use. As for T shirts we will dipatch a team of Angry Beavers to work on a design. On the upside we were picked up by another network. Now you can tune in live Sat 3-5 pm est at

  2. Enjoyed your May 31st program, especially about the invasive insect (Emerald Ash Borer) signs. My sense is that the whole operation is just another way to invade / destroy private property and inflict the environment with more dangerous chemicals. And so far, the bugs are definitely winning! Perhaps you could have a spinoff of your program called Angry Borer Radio co-opting the sign’s design? Keep up the diligent (and vigilant) work!

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